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About Us

YUEQING ZHENGCE ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. is located in the economically developed, the renowned "China Electric Capital" of Wenzhou Yueqing City, Zhejiang, country and the first grade AAAAA scenic spots, "Department of Yan Dang Mountain" foot feet away, near the East China Sea Pro step away, sea and air with iron And as with traffic, transportation is very convenient and smooth.
YUEQING ZHENGCE ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. is a manufacturing, sales, development, professional services, manufacturers, the company producing the product terminals, excellent performance and be in line with the requirements of businessmen from all walks of life. The strength of the company, good equipment, advanced technology, there is a potential for re-faith cooperation is very reliable manufacturer.
The main products are: Printed Circuit Board (PCB) terminal, modular terminal, the terminal plate, vacuum circuit breakers (VS1) terminal, through the terminal block-general ... ...    

The company asked a variety of products will be strictly in accordance with the ISO9000 international standards, national electrical standards, corporate standards and in accordance with stringent environmental protection, science and technology, advanced development as its theme, will be wholeheartedly committed to the electric terminal industry.